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When a person is on a special diet due to health or weight management reasons, it is important to know the nutritional facts about different food items. This program allows you to compare a huge variety of different fruits to choose the ones that best suit your nutritional needs. You can choose among over 100 different fruits that go from the most common ones such as apples to more exotic ones such as kumquats or cherimoya. The program shows two different tabs. The first one displays the nutrition facts about each selected fruit, such as energy in Kcal, nutrients, carbohydrates, minerals, A and B group vitamins, and more. The second tab shows a comparison between the chosen fruits, featuring tables and graphs comparing the nutrition facts of each of them.
The program is really simple to use. You only need to choose a fruit and click on "Add to comparison". The facts about that fruit will appear on the first tab. Each time you add a new fruit, its facts will appear on that tab. When two or more fruits have been added, the second tab will activate, showing the comparison between all the chosen fruits. To remove a fruit from the comparison, you only need to click on the "Remove from comparison" button.
In conclusion, if you are on a diet, or are a nutritionist or health carer, then this free program can be useful for you.

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